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Alu brackets Ref Isoalu LR 80 and LR150


Adjustable friction bracket for aluminium grid.

Gauge 3 mm

Finish Self finish

sizes LR 80 is 80 mm high, LR150 is 150 mm high

L from 40 to 160 mm in 20 mm increments

The projection range is between 55 and 198 mm.

The thermal break Thermostop shim and fixing head can be used with the LR 80 and 150 brackets



Dn mini

Dn maxi






















Fixing principle :  The vertical aluminium members undergo thermal expansion during diurnal cycles. Under 3 metres, the linear expansion is within the plasticity of the system, and does not need special consideration. Once aligned, the  vertical element -T or L extrusion - is riveted to all the brackets using the round holes provided. All the brackets transfer the self weight of the facade, as well as the wind loads.

Above 3 metres, rivets are affixed in the same way to the topmost brackets - over a vertical distance not exeeding 3 metres providing the fixed points transferring the weight of the rain screen to the primary structure. The brackets below the fixed points only provide restrain against wind loadings. In this case the rivet is affixed through the slot holes in the bracket.


At the junction with a lower course, an LR150 bracket is used, with the top course riveted through an oblong hole, and the lower extrusion riveted through a round hole in a fixed vertical position. A 6 mm gap is maintained between the two in line extrusions.

Spanning floor to floor lends itself to offsite fabrication of the wall units:  The cladding grid becomes independent from other work packages.

The system consists of a base plate, two friction brackets and a mullion. The system has the capacity required to fix heavy facade materials such as terra cotta.


The facade material is either face fixed to the vertical element or adjusted in position using the horizontal railing described below.

Concealed fixing of rain screen cladding


The C rail system allows for fine gap adjustments by means of  setting screws situated on the hooks affixed near the top edge of each panel.


Gauge 3 mm, self finished.

Aluminium T bar, fixed vertically with friction adjustable brackets.

Gauge 2 and 2.5 mm self finished, serrated facing.

Sizes :  L 6 metres, 52 mm deep, 80 or 110 mm wide.


Aluminium L bar, fixed vertically with friction adjustable brackets.

Gauge 2 and 2.5 mm, self finished.

Sizes L 6 metres, 50 mm deep, 42 mm wide.


Aluminium Omega 100 / 29 for secondary framework

Gauge 2 mm self finished.

sizes L 6 metres, 29 mm deep, 100 mm wide.


Thermal break :  When the insulation is outside of the primary structure, it’s overall performance is improved by using the nylon base and cap Thermostop as illustrated.

A number of extrusion profiles are available for internal and external angle. Contact TVSP Ltd for details

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